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Madison WI Farmers Market-the 90's

Hey, is that my sister? Near Lauren Hill’s Mifflin Street-Bkelly

Madison WI Farmers Market-the 90’s


The Rayne Password-For Jazmin Alia Maya Anderson seek Rhiana Photo

Week Of December 9-10 JAMH Number 4

JAMA-Jazz-Jazmine-Jasmine and Sign/Co-Sign

Let’s talk about projection? I know already, you hate talking to me but your alter ego does not. It’s like you think that I am supposed to just ‘relay’ information to you without talking. Dew IT!  Ugh! I’m tryin to remember my favorite time with you. Today, this letter is all about buzy-ness, not “Thomas the Tank.” I thought I remembered my favorite time with JADE. It was not until one of my visits; that I saw Jade with a torn, actually broken ACL from softball sliders that was my fav.I noticed the two of you did not really communicate like when you were young or was this CHI-don’t learn IT. You two decided to play the game of LIFE™ upstairs in my bed-room-guest. You seemed unmasked together. Jama fell asleep. Then Jade, decided to tell me bout the book she was reading, likely for college or collages. It was some book on GANGS. Uh Ha? I was just ‘watching’ her and trying to heal her surgical-question scars. Obviously, Barry and the UW could not be involved with this. Oh yes. She won’t be going there, I said. You see Ginny, Jazmin was healed from her fibia situation until you al’ made her climb the roof and shovel snow off it in full “cast.”  YOU’RE DONE-grandma would say. I hated jades grandma all along. So, she told me, Jada that is the entire book. I thought. “what the heck are you reading that for?” It was as if she was in preparation for something. She was so cute then. I felt as though I held them both close one last time as they slept.

No one ever trusted me girls. I have patience for this now. There are many moments with you JAMH that are few and far be-tween. I do recall you liking the “Twlight” series. This made you love reading; which was good for you. Nana can’t make it either. Did you know that FORKs is in Washington? Ironically, I think Stephanie Myer-likely not her real name is the author of BOTH. I missed so much wit you as a child; especially ballet recitals. I hope you become a STAR, I hope, hope, hope, that you will not ever tour. When I was 18-December- I got my own apartment-its lke sublet distribution. I could not wait to be free of adults. I know you do not feel the same. Anyway, you are not eighteen, 18, until June 5, 2014. This does not matter with my WILL, (especially under duress). So one time, we went to the big Walmart in Madison with Grandma near WPS insurance on the Beltline Hwy. You were so mad at me because I put back the movie you wanted-paranormal 3 or 2-whatever. It was like $23.00 Dolls. We, as in mom-mine ain’t made of moola. So, I watched it a year later or so. Ok, you got me-The show scared me bad. It was the first horror pic to do so-scare that is. Ugh-you are gruesome, wicked if you were to ask moi. Now to the Good Stuff. My Money! First of all; Ginny and my Mother is Ann-yours is not-left their wills to NOEL. I picked you Jazmin Alia-Maya Anderson(JAMA) for this opportunity with my money because you would do the MOST good with IT. So, when you were 7-8 something you were, we were at touss haous-shanno, you and I were, you know, watching basketball. As in ‘telepathy,’ you told me you wanted brothers. So you got them-“you’ll be blessed-‘ remember? Try not to regret-‘looking at the (alternatives sometimes help. Now, enough lectures with the school. Jazmin JAMA Jama jama so, my will should say that the money is yours-all yours. I think since you are seventeen-,17 I assigned an Executor of the Will. I chose Ann CECILIA. Kelly. Who cares if she is old-my mother. Since it appears she is missing or “hocus pocus” this means that you MUST trust the Attorneys. They are the Executors. There are four lawyers. When I was in New York, I decided to add what is called a probate atty. The attys. Are. Scoptur, Gray or Girey, Stern, Shapiro.

Attorneys For- All Executors:

Virgin Islands-part OF US/NY/Keys: (Richard) Howard ‘Kev’ Stern /Probate/

WI/Chicago: Paul Scoptur /General and Tort /Dentistry/ ‘Spybot’ liquidations- promised Reid or Kohl?

WI: Michael (means) Grey / General and Tort and Government( gov. if needed)/ Milenger

Likely California-Coasts: Rob (Robert Shapiro) Power of ATTY-Living Will and Temp Probate and Defense/ End OF Life Care-Legal Zoom take OVER-Patriot Act/

Like I said in class, status is something. We earn-NOT. So, if grandma dies or something or is missing; the money which should not already be in a TRUST goes to the attorneys.You don’t need too keep any of these attys. It is just what I assigned in will. In my di-vorce–Impossible-No pre-numptial–so I left him ‘all property.’ This means lke escrow–fire wells fargo…what a hoot. You, JAMA must TRUST the attorneys. You must Trust them and they MUST listen.  I would only advise that you do not dismantle and give to charities right now-just buy it and give it to people-Avoid Murray-as stated what–your own–Slim Shady.. So its refuted BY MY Own–the idea is–24 Rule–so get yours–will these attys respond. What passcode book—too Cattle–Its really all ths. How perfect does ths need-kneads too boi.  I knew this woman from Smokey Mountain- Arlington, WI. She came to visit me in Milwaukee once. In the street, I publicly announced that she was OUT OF MY LEGAL ZOOM – Living Will-ths means I did not turn it in off my own computer–I wrote too free will in legal zoom. Do you think Shapiro Got IT? , the Genetics specialist received. Passed out and Illegal. You are OUT DR. Dauer et al. This was leagal like a handshake contract, JAMA. Once you turn 18-eighteen-the money is all yours but I would still advise…Once the caseload is over with; the probate atty, should bow out and just be on call, as needed. Then, the main executor is -whoever decides. If Ann C. Kelly-ONLY- is alive; she can help and is current Executor or go to ‘Uncle’ William Kelly-I think J. middle. He’ll always live. They MUST listen’ to you JAMA. So Advise. Now, there are no Stautes- look it up- Statutes OF Limitations on Death OR what is considered ‘conflab/ulation-’ ‘they’ could NEVER do this to you OR me really– a Buziness course in High school–shows just a visit–admit–for a time Public. Another reason I picked you JAMA as Jazmin. This is too long-not fair, not fair-fair-lets go to the fair. Just so you know, I left my bodily remains to Jaimie M. Henderson Stanford. NO ONE is showing up as ths-Does that me dew it–Vegatable-that they actually use a free-for all-Zoom with Karmel Corn, California. I did not think ‘they’ would take ‘the skinz’ seriously; my sweets. See Comments. Whats ‘Dubbed’ ON TIME SCREEN. Ciao FOR now. Auntie; Bridget Ellen Kelly/ Spicy Cheetoes